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  • Julie Anne Rhodes

5 Quick Fixes for Cooking Mistakes

‘Tis the season for entertaining. With the holidays rapidly approaching, we’re all busy planning for parties, organizing gifts to buy, figuring out travel arrangements … it quickly piles up! So when you’re preparing that perfect holiday dinner for your family the LAST thing you need is to screw up cooking the meal, but with all the other things on your mind over the holidays, it’s easy to do.

Tis the season

The Roving Stove is here to save the day! Let us share with you our five quick fixes for common cooking mistakes. These will help you to revive your dish and get dinner on the table in time!

Too Much Salt

You were a little heavy-handed with the salt and now you’re stressing. No need! Just add milk. The creaminess will help absorb some of that salty bite. Another great salt-sponge is the humble potato, so if adding milk isn’t appropriate, potato will do the trick nicely.


Prevent and fix limp pasta

Limp Pasta

You left the pasta boiling on the stove for too long and now it’s over-cooked. Limp and soggy pasta is definitely not holiday-worthy. To salvage your noodles, run cold water over them to stop them from cooking further and then toss them in tomato sauce. When you heat to eat those bad boys and you’ll see that the acid from the tomato will help them to tighten up again.

Stale Bread

Oops! You bought your bread rolls too early and now they’re all hard and stale come go-time. Simply pat them down with a damp towel to moisten them, wrap them in foil and pop them in the oven. The moist bread paired with the heat of the oven will act like a steamer and bring those yeasty morsels back to life.

Too much spice?

Moroccan Lamb Stew

Too spicy?

Excess Spice

You were aiming for a little kick, but you got yourself a forest fire. Balance out too much chili pepper with lemon or lime juice to calm that nasty sting. Another option to tame the flame is adding a creamy component (just like you’d do with its salty cousin) like milk or cream if you’ve used it in a cream-based dish.

Watery Sauce

You wanted sauce, but got flavored water instead. When you have thin sauce, you can make a thickening mixture called a slurry to give it some body. Just whisk together cold water and cornstarch (or flour and water) until it’s a smooth thin paste, then stir it into the sauce, a little at a time, stirring constantly until it reaches the thickness you desire. Be sure not to add too much, and to taste the sauce to see if you need to adjust your seasonings.

Let The Roving Stove do your holiday cooking & be a guest at your own party

Bonus Tip:

Prepare in advance: Either cook in advance yourself, or let The Roving Stove do it for you. You'll get to be a guest at your own party instead of slaving over a stove all day, and all you have to do is use the comprehensive heating instructions we leave for you to just heat to eat when ready.

The Roving Stove lets you be a guest at your own party

Imagine how great it will feel to thwart holiday meal disasters this year and avoid those unnecessary holiday stresses. Enjoyment for everyone this year!

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