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From VIP entrances in Versace to service entrances in my apron

  • Julie Anne Rhodes

Jewels on 7 Days to Amazing Podcast

From Red Carpet to Reinvention: Celebrity Chef Julie Anne Rhodes. My fashion stylist friend Sharon Haver asked me to come on her podcast to discuss everything from the red carpet to reinvention.... to life as a celebrity personal chef and successful entrepreneur.

Celebrity Chef Julie Anne Rhodes

As with the blog, I get into my "pearls of wisdom" about a life filled with laughter and glamorous memories, and a few scrumptious recipes thrown in for good measure. Click the arrow below to hear the dish...

I certainly wouldn't want you to walk away hungry! Since swimsuit season is upon us, so how about trying my Secret Weight-Loss Weapon Chicken Vegetable Soup? It's a healthy and satisfying way to lose weight and stay trim once you reach your goal weight without sacrificing flavor.

Secret Weight-Loss Weapon Chicken Vegetable Soup

Weight-Loss Weapon Chicken & Veg Soup

This is my top secret weight loss weapon – the chicken vegetable soup I lived on for years as a model. It’s low fat, chocked full of yummy vegetables and chicken, and certainly satiating. My own private diet rescue remedy.



1 whole chicken (remove skin once cooked)

2 Knorr's chicken cubes

3 tablespoons mixed garlic Italian herbs

2 teaspoons Lawries salt to taste

Water (enough to cover chicken)

3 stalks celery halved

3 large carrots peeled and halved

1 medium cauliflower cut into bite-sized

1 medium broccoli cut into bite-sized

2 medium zucchini cut into bite-sized

1/2 pound green beans cut into bite-sized

8 ounces mushrooms sliced

15.25 ounces canned corn with juice


1). Bring ingredients chicken through carrots to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 1 1/2 hours, until chicken is cooked. Remove chicken and set aside to cool.

2). Add cauliflower through mushrooms to boiling broth, and simmer/boil, partially covered, for 15-30 minutes (depending on how cooked you like your vegetables).

3). While vegetables are cooking, remove skin from chicken, debone, and cut chicken meat into bite-sized pieces.

4). Remove soup from heat. Add corn and chicken back in, and stir well.


Serve this hearty meal in a bowl, piping hot, on its own, or with fresh bread.

Julie Anne Rhodes & Sharon Haver Live on Facebook

We've gotten an incredible response from the podcast already and have decided to do a FACEBOOK LIVE Q&A where you can ask us anything. Julie Anne will be in Los Angeles. Sharon will be in New York. We hope to see you (tomorrow) Thursday June 29 at 12PM PST/3PM EST at If for any reason you can't make it, feel free to ask your question(s) in the comment section below.

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